When NuKrel With Her BFF!

Beside me is ‘Farra Ezati’, I like to be her frenz because she is so kind, carring (maybe) and having a good attitude. We always share problem, story, secrets and etc. She also like my sister, ok! Farra also matched with a called ‘BFF’ J
Another BFF… Beside me is ‘Siti Nur Hartina’. I also sharing secrets, problems, ‘Boyfrenz’, story and etc with her. She is a simple frenz to me. But I always talk with her at the school. (sometimes) I also yg couplekan blik die dgan Dauz! I guess she very happy with me. J She is an intelligent girl. She also like Farra, which matched with a called ‘BFF’.
Another BFF:
·       * Elfira
·        *Mas Aliza
·        *Naimah

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